Thursday, August 31, 2006
I don't know what is going on with my picture thingy that is supposed to go up at the top? If anyone on blogger knows anything about this please enlighten me! It looks so plain like this! I think I remember reading something about it on the site i got it from about hosting the design. That I would have to find someone to host it. I had no idea what that meant. But I am thinking maybe this has something to do with it. Brandee do you know???

Go Panthers!
Well we spent all day in the house because of this stupid rain. I know rain is good for the earth but I hate it! It makes my hair all frizzy and my attitude suck! I hate being locked in the house all day with two kids. Just knowing that I can't just let them out to play if I wanted to makes me want to scream. Luckily the day did not go to bad. I actually taught them how to stack the books on the book shelf the right way. I even managed to teach Dbug how to get one book out at a time and look at it then put it back before getting another one. She did really well at this all day. I am just hoping that it sticks. Daddy came home and we had dinner and then headed out to the Box Seat a bar type restaurant to meet up with our die hard panther fan friends. When I first got there my friend Jason pulled some beers out of his pockets that he snuck in and passed me one!! LOL We got the kids some dessert to keep them occupied and Clay our crazy panther friend that ALWAYS dresses up and paints his face gave the kids pom poms to play with and little squishy footballs. So they had fun too. We sat and ate some chicken wings and hung out for a while. Mostly watching Clay act crazy! I wish I had my camera. Dbug could not keep her eyes off of him. He had is whole face painted white with blue around his eyes and cat whiskers and a black football painted around his mouth with blue and silver pom poms he made into a wig on his head! LOL If you watch the Panthers you will probably see them somewhere. I was watching the news last week and there they were waving at the camera. That is not the only time they have been on there. Clay has a special car that he has all decked out in panther stickers and logos and names of all the team members all over it. This is the SECOND car he has had like this. He just decide he needed a new style and bought a new one and decked it out also. He has a huge rain tent he sets up behind his car in the parking lot when they go to games and sits out in his costume drinking beers before each game. Yes my friends have not only season passes every year but they also OWN seats at the stadium. I can't wait because we are going with them in Oct and Dec to a game! I will be sure to bring my camera and look for the news camera too so I can be seen with them! LOL We left early to go home so we did not get the end of the game. But Gbug has school tomorrow and did not get in the bed until 10pm. Luckily they take an hour and a half nap in his class! So I don't worry to much about him being too tired tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow. Since my mom had surgery and just started driving. She is wanting to go get my niece for the weekend but she lives 2 1/2 hours away. So I am driving her to get her tomorrow afternoon. There and back will be about a 5 hour drive so I don't really look for to the drive but I am excited to see my niece. I have not seen her since June and I heard she got her hair cut like Dbugs so I am sure it is cute! I will have to take some pictures of them together.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
First day of school and pictures!
Well today was Gbugs first day of preK at the big school. I got up at 6:15 this morning to make sure I had plenty of time to get us ready and to school in enough time to settle in. I got myself ready and then packed Gbugs lunch then I got him up at about 7:00. He had breakfast and got dressed and then we went out to take pictures. My mom spent Tuesday with us and stayed the night and the whole day today so we had a lot of help. My mom even took some pictures of the whole family which was nice! Then we were off to school a bit later than I wanted (as usual)! We got to the school and when we were walking up Gbug saw a little boy in his class that he remembered from open house. He called out his name and the the boy and his grandmother were surprised that someone knew his name! Little did they know my son has been talking about him all week. LOL I took him in his class and he kind of went over and hid in the cubby area. He was being a bit shy because the teachers were saying hey to him and everyone was staring at him and the other boy coming in since we were the last to get to class. We found his cubby and put things away and then he came over and ASKED me for a kiss!!!! Then he went off to wash his hands before class as the teacher asked. The teacher even commented on how he just ran off to play with no problem.
I got home and got Dbug ready and my mom and I went to the preschool where she will be going. We got to meet her teachers which I am glad she has. I remember them from last year and they both are really nice. They were excited to see Dbug was in their class. She went right in and sat down and started doing playdough that they had set out on the table. Then her best friend came in and she was happy! My mom, me and my friend went to the orientation for about an hour. Then when we went back to pick her up she was STILL sitting at the table playing with the playdough. I think she is going to have fun. Also two of the ladies that I met last year from their kids being in Gbugs class has younger sibling in Dbugs class this year so we are excited for them to all be in classes together this year. It is kind of sad that Gbug is not going to be in the class with their older children this year because he is in a new school but they will be back together next year when they are all in kindergarten.
So we left the preschool and headed for lunch. Came home my mom and Klaire took a nap and I got prepared to go and pick up my big boy! When I picked him up he was so excited looking and ran up and hugged me. I asked his teacher how he did and she said he did well. Although..... She said at nap time they had to move him closer to them for him to settle down but it did not take long after that he fell asleep. She said they have nap for 1 1/2 hours!!!!! But then they cut it down to about 1 hour later on. She also said they had lunch in the cafeteria because we were thinking that the preK would have to have their lunch in the class.
On the way home he started singing a song! I was amazed he already learned something!! He was saying they read a book and this is how it went and he sang it like a song "Run run as fast as you can. You can't catch me cause I'm the gingerbread man." Then he went on to tell me how the fox chased the gingerbread man and he caught him and ATE HIM UP!! He was soooo talkative it was funny! He even told me about his dream he had last night and he said it was storming and he was outside and the lightening hit the tree and it fell down on top of our building and he was not really asleep it was real! It really happened!! He was so dramatic about it! LOL I think he was just so excited about school he was still going going going! LOL! Then he told me about how the little girl with black hair that sat beside him at lunch had a round sandwich with peanutbutter and red stuff in it! LOL He had a great day and can't wait to go back. Oh yeah he said that when he goes back another day when
all the kids are there if they are good they get a flamingo and then if they get a flamingo they get to open the treasure box! He is excited about that!! Hehehe!
Now tonight we are going to the open house parent night at the church for Gbug to do awanas or "cubbies". I remember my aunt used to take me to her church as a kid for awanas and I loved it. I think Gbug will like it too. Wow today was a long busy day! Now my hands are very very tired from typeing!! LOL Thanks for reading my novel! LOL

Gbug and mommy before school.


Gbug looking so big with is backpack
Posted by PicasaOur family sending Gbug off to his first day of PreK!

Monday, August 28, 2006
Teacher Visit
This morning Gbugs new teachers visited us in our home. They were very nice and we enjoyed talking them. Griffin enjoyed showing off some of his toys and his puppy which they both loved. Mrs. Lord is his teacher. She is the lady in the pink shirt. She just had a baby boy. Mrs. Barwick is his assistant teacher (lady in blue) and she is 5 months pregnant with her second little girl. They both seem to be very nice and I am excited about them working with Gbug this year!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Excited about school
Well Thursday we went to Gbugs pre-K orientation at his school Pleasant Garden Elementry and got to meet his teachers and some of the kids in the class. It was so exciting to see the class he will be living in for the rest of the year and see some of the kids he will be playing with. I was a little disappointed when I saw that there are 18 kids in his class and only three are boys!! Gbug had fun playing and really hit it off with the black boy in his class. You see Gbug has always had a liken for black folk. This was the one boy Gbug said he was going to be his new best friend in his class. He is a cute little boy and probably the smallest kid in his class. He looked like he was 2 years old! I am just so excited for him to make new friends and to get to visit him in his new class and meet his new friends. Ok I guess I am a little too excited about him meeting new friends and a little worried also. I have had a thing in the past year about being worried about Gbug meeting new people. That is one reason why he has been doing counseling. He is not real good at meeting new people unless it is on his terms and he is the one to initiate the meeting. He gets real offensive if someone new just comes up to him and starts talking. I think it is a shy thing but he does not know how to express his feeling in the right way and comes off to be mean and uninviting. But once he gets to know you he warms right up. He also has a thing with girls. Girls always want to run from him so that he will chase them and he gets so upset because he thinks they do not want to play with him. Ok sometimes they don't want to play with him, but he gets so upset and then becomes mean to them because he just wants to play and not chase. Ok to make a long story short I am excited for him to meet new people but a little nervous he is not going to fit in. LOL I guess since I am his mommy I have a right to worry.
His teachers seem to be really nice. Mrs. Lord is a younger teacher and has only been teaching for 3 years and just had a baby boy of her own which is so cute. And then his assistant is Mrs. Barwick.
Friday we went back to the school to have a parent conference which was just filling out lots of papers and asking the teacher any questions we had. We got to know Mrs. Lord a lot better that night. Matter of fact we were the last to leave because we stayed around so long talking to her. Well Danny did! He was asking her lots of questions about teaching and she also offered him when he started teaching that he could have a lot of her stuff because she has TONS of stuff she has bought and never uses.
Monday morning his teacher will come to our house for a third meeting which is an in home visit to let the kids get to know her on a one on one basis and let them kind of see them in their environment so they are not so intimidated by them when they come to school. I think that is such a great idea. I am sure Gbug will really feel more comfortable with her once she has came over to our house to play with him.

Then he starts his first day with half of his class on Wednesday then the other half will go on Thursday and then the first full day together will be friday.
Wow! I think this is the longest blog I have ever written!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Future computer nerd
Ok usually my son always tells me he is going to marry me when he grows up. Sometimes even he will say he is mad at daddy because HE wanted to marry me not daddy. So anyways we are driving down the road yesterday and this was our conversation just out of the blue he comes up with this.

Gbug- Mommy I am not going to marry you when I grow up now
Me- why not
Gbug - Cause I am just going to play games and work on my computer. And ummm does boys play bunco?
Me - No. Well they can but mostly mommy's just like to play.
Gbug- Well then Dbug will play bunco when she grows up and I will just play my games and my computer.

Oh great. Now he wants to be a lazy computer nerd. I guess he watches mommy to much! LOL

Thursday, August 17, 2006
The New Cut
Well I did it! I finally had Dbugs hair cut! I have been wanting to do it for the past few weeks. I think she looks like a new girl! A BIG new girl! She has had so many new changes in the past few weeks and it makes me sad. Now she will be starting preschool in a few weeks and I am going to cry! My little baby is growing up. Although she still says "Mommy I baby." I was going to cut her some bangs too but I chose not to once she cut all the length off. I think it looked to good to cut bangs.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Here are the pictures of my big girl in her big girl bed.

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Big girl
Well my baby has taken a big step to becoming a big girl and I am sad. I bought her a toddler bed this week and we took her crib down this weekend. She is doing so good in it. I was afraid I would have to beat her to stay in it but she has done great. She has gotten up a few times but has not left her room and she pretty much stays in her bed and goes right to sleep. She did fall out of it last night and I just picked her up and put her back in and she went right on back to sleep. I also bought her some pink curtains to make it look more girly in there. I took the changing pad off of the top of her dresser so now she has room for other girly stuff. I also sewed some pretty trim with beads on to the top of her pink canopy. She picked out some pink flannel material with ballerina's on it and I am going to make her a pretty pillow case for her bed. Then I got her a clear box to put all her papi's in to keep in her bed so the puppy can't get them and I am going to paint some flowers on it for her. I know she is getting too big for her papi but I just can't take them away quite yet. She is still my baby and I have to let her keep something. I can't just make her get rid of all her baby stuff in one weekend. I took a few pictures of her in her big girl bed tonight to show. This just makes me so sad!

Friday, August 11, 2006
What the hell?
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
last ones
Ok these are the last few. Gbug fishing again, a butterfly that kept flying all around my feet and one more of the kids in the lake. Sorry I had to do them all seperate.

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This is Kbug and her boyfriend. He was trying to hold her hand in the first picture and then they were playing in the tent. Then the next two are of Gbug fishing with his daddy.

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Few more pics
The first picture is Danny trying to get on a float! LOL He kept falling off. Then there are a few pictures of the boat. The guy standing on the boat was Chris. Then a pic of the kids eating hotdogs.

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More pictures
Here are a few of the kids and Danny playing in the lake.

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Lake pictures
These are the pictures from Jordan Lake. For some reason I can not figure out how to put them all on here. It just wants to put a few on at a time. I am still trying to figure out how to do it.
The first ones are the kids in the lake playing and then a herin/crane on the side of the lake.

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I need something hard to drink!
Ok this actually happened last week. But my stupid computer keeps shutting down so I had to save it and I am just now getting to post it. So instead of being yesterday it was last Thursday!! LOL

Yesterday was so awful! I just wanted to scream! It was just too hot to go out so we stayed inside the whole day and that was just a big mistake. I am totally not a homebody and it makes me so ill and depressed when I am stuck in the house all day. First of all my kids were not minding at all. They did everything in their power to drive me up the wall. Here is a list of things they did.

Opened & poured bleach on my carpet
Opened a bag of muffin mix and dumped part of it on my carpet
Went outside without me knowing, walked around the house and knocked on the front door. I about died when I looked out and it was her! She was all sweaty so no telling how long she had been out there! And I thought she was just being quite! LOL

Unhooked my phone from the plug in and threw it across the room against the wall. (He said he wanted it on the floor.)
Found the bag of muffin mix DK opened and ate some of it and spilt some more.
Cut DK's hair with scissors!! Then lied about it!!! (Thankfully it was only a little bit and in the back)
Got into my jewelry cabinet and pulled out my jewelry.
Climbed onto DK's dresser, got her piggy bank down and got some of her money out.

On top of all that, they destroyed the house and pulled out every toy they own and fought all day long! I am sure there are more things they got into that I blocked out of my memory! It was just a bad day. Then I called Danny hoping to release some stress and get some sympathy. Then I felt like he was blaming me for everything I told him. According to him, if I watched them better they would not get into stuff and cause all that trouble. So I went off on him because he was blaming me for everything. He told me he wished I was going out last night because he did not look forward to seeing me when he got home.

I was so ready to run away. Needless to say I had several glasses of wine last night! I just needed to de-stress.

Today so far has been a lot better. I went to my friend Paula's house and we talked and ate and ate and talked. It was nice to just be around another grown up. Tonight I am going out with my moms group and I soooo look forward to it! I need a night out!

Thursday, August 03, 2006
The Lake ride and weird looking girl
Well last weekend we went to Jordan Lake with my mom to see some of our friends that I grew up with. I was sick with bronchitis and should have been staying home but I have not seen these people in several years. So we went. I had a great time. When we first got there we got to get on the boat and that was fun! I have not been on a boat like that since I was a kid and have never rode behind one on a raft so I had to try that even though I could hardly breathe. LOL I first got on the raft and Chris the guy that drove the boat took off slow. As the raft started to go the front of it went under water and so did I! No one told me to scoot all the way back and pull up on the raft when it starts off so it does not pull underwater. So here I was in the middle of the lake trying to swim to the raft to get on. I was panicking because I was afraid an alligator or snake was going to eat my legs. I was fighting with the tube to get on and it was not happening. So Chris told me to just hold on to the side and he was going to pull me out further in the lake because we were getting to close to the edge of the lake and it was swampy like. I was like "what?" So here I was just holding on to the side of the raft being drug by a boat out further into the lake. Terrified something was going to think I was bait! So I finally got to the ladder and climbed back up on the boat and told Danny to go because I could not breathe and needed to rest before I tried again. Danny went and it was so funny watching him ride. Chris was really trying to throw him around. I could tell he was getting really tired. Then I looked down at Griffin that was sitting with my mom. He mouth was wide open and his hand was over it as if he was going to puke any minute. So I yelled at Chris to stop the boat. When he saw that GVP was going to upchuck in his boat he stopped as fast as he could and held him over the edge of the boat. I looked back and Danny and he was swimming for his life to get to the boat. When Chris stopped the boat it Danny fell off and was way behind the boat. I finally got to get on and ride and it was sooo much fun! Other than the water kept splashing in my eyes and I could hardly see anything. It was an experience that I will not soon forget. Then we put the kids on the raft and I got on with them and he pulled us slow back to the camping spot where we got off and let the kids play in the water with the other kids.
this is where GVP met Karen. Karen is a friend of mine that I grew up with that is what she calls a short person (midget). GVP was just staring at her and pulling on my bathing suit. I leaned down to see what he wanted and and he was pointing at her and said "Mommy look at that weird girl. She looks silly!" I did not know what to say. He just kept pointing and staring. I know know when we were kids Karen would get so mad if people stared at her and she would go off on them. LOL She can fight too!! LOL I know as an adult she is more understanding but I was so embarrassed and did not want her to see him pointing. So I just leaned down and tried to explain to him that she was just shorter than most people and she was a mommy just like me that she just looked different and it was not nice to point and stare and call people weird. But every time he saw her he would just stare in awe. He just could not understand how a mommy could be as tall as him! The rest of the night went well. We cooked chicken on the grill and DK found her a boyfriend. Tucker followed DK everywhere she went. He kept calling her girlfriend. LOL He was wanting to hold her hand and hug on her. It was too cute. When they were getting ready to leave he tried getting her in his car. He was saying "Come on girlfriend we have to go now. Get in!" It was so sweet so I had to take a few pics of them. Danny took GVP fishing. Well not real fishing but he got to practice with his new batman fishing pole and he was happy. Then we headed home. Now If I can figure out how to put pictures on here I will share a few. Sorry I don't have pics of us on the boat because I forgot to bring my camera on.