Thursday, August 16, 2007
The Devils Candy
Griff's comparison of God and the Devil.
Such a cute point of view I think. We were in the car on the way to McDonald's. Griff wanted to get a kids meal and I told him no. We were just going to get food and no toys because we have to many toys that Mommy is trying to get rid of. After a few minutes Griff says "Mommy, God is like fruits and vegetables and the Devil is like candy." I was amazed at his comparison. So I said "You are so right! Because sometimes we don't want to eat our fruits and veggies just like we don't want to listen to God but we know it is good for us. And we want to do things that are bad that the devil wants just like we want to eat candy that is bad for us." And he then he said the cutest thing a five year old could say.... "Yeah cause sometimes we don't listen to GOD and we eat the Devils candy!" Is that not the smartest perception of God and the Devil? I was amazed at his thoughts.


Blogger Melanie said...

This is amazing!! Kids are so smart. Cute story!

Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Wow, how insightful for such a little guy! That's really impressive.

Anonymous Kendra said...

That is a great comparison!!! He is so right!!! WTG Griff!

Blogger Tracy said...

OMG that is so cute. It is amazing how kids can make the most complex subjects so simple.

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