Thursday, August 10, 2006
I need something hard to drink!
Ok this actually happened last week. But my stupid computer keeps shutting down so I had to save it and I am just now getting to post it. So instead of being yesterday it was last Thursday!! LOL

Yesterday was so awful! I just wanted to scream! It was just too hot to go out so we stayed inside the whole day and that was just a big mistake. I am totally not a homebody and it makes me so ill and depressed when I am stuck in the house all day. First of all my kids were not minding at all. They did everything in their power to drive me up the wall. Here is a list of things they did.

Opened & poured bleach on my carpet
Opened a bag of muffin mix and dumped part of it on my carpet
Went outside without me knowing, walked around the house and knocked on the front door. I about died when I looked out and it was her! She was all sweaty so no telling how long she had been out there! And I thought she was just being quite! LOL

Unhooked my phone from the plug in and threw it across the room against the wall. (He said he wanted it on the floor.)
Found the bag of muffin mix DK opened and ate some of it and spilt some more.
Cut DK's hair with scissors!! Then lied about it!!! (Thankfully it was only a little bit and in the back)
Got into my jewelry cabinet and pulled out my jewelry.
Climbed onto DK's dresser, got her piggy bank down and got some of her money out.

On top of all that, they destroyed the house and pulled out every toy they own and fought all day long! I am sure there are more things they got into that I blocked out of my memory! It was just a bad day. Then I called Danny hoping to release some stress and get some sympathy. Then I felt like he was blaming me for everything I told him. According to him, if I watched them better they would not get into stuff and cause all that trouble. So I went off on him because he was blaming me for everything. He told me he wished I was going out last night because he did not look forward to seeing me when he got home.

I was so ready to run away. Needless to say I had several glasses of wine last night! I just needed to de-stress.

Today so far has been a lot better. I went to my friend Paula's house and we talked and ate and ate and talked. It was nice to just be around another grown up. Tonight I am going out with my moms group and I soooo look forward to it! I need a night out!


Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Well I can personally say that it has nothing to do with you not watching them! I have managed to survive BC for almost 6 yrs and she's constantly doing things like this. SP does too, but not near as bad. I often have these "need a drink" kinda days myself, especially here lately. Next time, call me and we'll have a glass of wine together :)

Anonymous Tracy said...

Please...what are we suppose to do all day just follow them around the house and make sure they don't get into anything. Like we don't have a million other things we have to do too!!

Hey anytime you need to get out of the house just give me a call we can hang out and have Margaritas while the kids run loose at my house!

Blogger Short Mama said...

I love how good husbands are at understanding our jobs. I get so much sympathy and understanding, don't you? Well, just give them a day in our shoes...the kids would be EATING bleach after locking the dads in the house.

You think Tracy's offering her house for margaritas anytime for ALL of us??

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