Thursday, August 03, 2006
The Lake ride and weird looking girl
Well last weekend we went to Jordan Lake with my mom to see some of our friends that I grew up with. I was sick with bronchitis and should have been staying home but I have not seen these people in several years. So we went. I had a great time. When we first got there we got to get on the boat and that was fun! I have not been on a boat like that since I was a kid and have never rode behind one on a raft so I had to try that even though I could hardly breathe. LOL I first got on the raft and Chris the guy that drove the boat took off slow. As the raft started to go the front of it went under water and so did I! No one told me to scoot all the way back and pull up on the raft when it starts off so it does not pull underwater. So here I was in the middle of the lake trying to swim to the raft to get on. I was panicking because I was afraid an alligator or snake was going to eat my legs. I was fighting with the tube to get on and it was not happening. So Chris told me to just hold on to the side and he was going to pull me out further in the lake because we were getting to close to the edge of the lake and it was swampy like. I was like "what?" So here I was just holding on to the side of the raft being drug by a boat out further into the lake. Terrified something was going to think I was bait! So I finally got to the ladder and climbed back up on the boat and told Danny to go because I could not breathe and needed to rest before I tried again. Danny went and it was so funny watching him ride. Chris was really trying to throw him around. I could tell he was getting really tired. Then I looked down at Griffin that was sitting with my mom. He mouth was wide open and his hand was over it as if he was going to puke any minute. So I yelled at Chris to stop the boat. When he saw that GVP was going to upchuck in his boat he stopped as fast as he could and held him over the edge of the boat. I looked back and Danny and he was swimming for his life to get to the boat. When Chris stopped the boat it Danny fell off and was way behind the boat. I finally got to get on and ride and it was sooo much fun! Other than the water kept splashing in my eyes and I could hardly see anything. It was an experience that I will not soon forget. Then we put the kids on the raft and I got on with them and he pulled us slow back to the camping spot where we got off and let the kids play in the water with the other kids.
this is where GVP met Karen. Karen is a friend of mine that I grew up with that is what she calls a short person (midget). GVP was just staring at her and pulling on my bathing suit. I leaned down to see what he wanted and and he was pointing at her and said "Mommy look at that weird girl. She looks silly!" I did not know what to say. He just kept pointing and staring. I know know when we were kids Karen would get so mad if people stared at her and she would go off on them. LOL She can fight too!! LOL I know as an adult she is more understanding but I was so embarrassed and did not want her to see him pointing. So I just leaned down and tried to explain to him that she was just shorter than most people and she was a mommy just like me that she just looked different and it was not nice to point and stare and call people weird. But every time he saw her he would just stare in awe. He just could not understand how a mommy could be as tall as him! The rest of the night went well. We cooked chicken on the grill and DK found her a boyfriend. Tucker followed DK everywhere she went. He kept calling her girlfriend. LOL He was wanting to hold her hand and hug on her. It was too cute. When they were getting ready to leave he tried getting her in his car. He was saying "Come on girlfriend we have to go now. Get in!" It was so sweet so I had to take a few pics of them. Danny took GVP fishing. Well not real fishing but he got to practice with his new batman fishing pole and he was happy. Then we headed home. Now If I can figure out how to put pictures on here I will share a few. Sorry I don't have pics of us on the boat because I forgot to bring my camera on.


Anonymous Tracy said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I can see you all freaking out in the water! LOL

There is a short person that works at our Taco Bell down the street the first time the girls saw him they did the same thing to him. I told them to remember that God makes people in all shapes, sizes & colors. That is what makes us all so special being different. That it would be boring if we all looked the same! They don't point at him anymore...thankfully :)

Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Yay, pictures! LOL.

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun. I would've loved to see you fighting that raft :)

And don't feel bad, my girls are older and they still stare at people and act wierd like that. I'm sure she was understanding that he's just a little boy.

Blogger monkeynpeanutsmom said...

lol I can totally see you being parinoid about snakes and alligators. I would be too. My motto is if I can't see my feet in the water then I don't belong in it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my, I can totally picture you freaking out in the water!! And having bronchitis too, you must have been exhausted! Glad you all had a good day though and how cute about DK's boyfriend!!


Blogger Short Mama said...

I just kept expecting you to say a fish had nibbled your toes... :) I can't wait to see pictures!

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