Friday, August 17, 2007
They called this morning
And I got the 2 year old teacher assistant! I am so happy! I would have done the lead teacher but I was real nervous about it. I am glad that I am the assistant my first year there. The lady that switched over to be the lead teacher in my class is not certified yet and is getting her credentials this fall. But she told me today that she just found out she is pregnant! Which means she will be quiting in April. Which makes me wonder why they did not just chose me for the lead since I already have my credentials and I am not going to be quiting in the middle of the year. But maybe they will move me up to lead once she leaves. She will not be coming back next year either probably since she says she will not be able to afford to put two kids in preschool so maybe I can move up to lead after doing the assistant for a year. If not I am still fine where I am. I am so relieved that I am doing assistant since I will have less hassle. I will work one less hour a day and don't have to worry about lesson plans or parent teacher conferences.
Anyways..... Thanks to everyone that said a prayer for me!


Anonymous Amanda Smith said...

YAY!!! Thats sooooo exciting!! I am so happy for you!! And just from experience it is MUCH easier to start at the assistant position first and then move up..then you can get the feel of things!! I have been both and though i did like to have my own classroom, there were days it was easier not to have worry about anything! lol but i know you will LOVE it!! Woohoo!!!

Blogger Melanie said...

Girl that is so awesome and rocks totally!!! Yea!! Use this time as a learning experience and I'm sure they'll move you to the lead. You have the potential and love to work with kids. your going to be so great at this. I'm excited for you and also for what it'll provide for your family. Now we'll pray for DC to get a full time position there.

Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Woohoo!!! That's awesome Jaimie. I'm so happy for you. You're going to do a great job and I really think you'll really enjoy it too. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get started.

Blogger Tracy said...

I'm so excited & happy for you. I am glad the waiting is over :) We will just have to schedule our MMO's when you can go now :)

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