Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Ba Humbug
Boy Christmas time always brings those feelings of stress. I am so tired of feeling like I have to buy for everyone I know. We hardly have enough money to buy for our kids. Well we actually do not have money to buy for our kids. But we figure that is what they made credit cards for was to run them up until you are in deep debt so why not!
Ok enough gripeing! We took the kids to two Christmas parades and they got to ride in one of them with our friends Jason and Kelly. Here is a picture of them on the float. They had alot of fun and when they passed us by they looked like they really knew what they were doing. Waving as if they do it every year! LOL I also put up a picture of the kids on Santa's lap. They were excited to see Santa this year. Griffin told Santa that he wanted something that was not even on his list in the first place so of course I felt like I had to run out and buy it because I don't want my kids to be disapointed on Christmas morning. Then the last picture I just threw in because I thought it showed my kids personalty perfectly! LOL I tried taking some pictures of them outside before we went to see Santa. Hopeing I would get a few good ones for our Christmas card. NO LUCK! Klaire was trying to be a goof ball and was makeing faces in all of them. As you can see here! Well I hope everyone is haveing a great Christmas Season! And hopefully it will not be Easter before I post again!

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Anonymous Brandee said...

LOL, what a face! They are such cuties though. I love the pic with Santa.

Blogger monkeynpeanutsmom said...

Glad to see you posting again! The kiddos are cute as always!

Anonymous Tracy said...

OMG I love that last one. It is so cute and funny! I bet the kids loved riding on the float. I used to get to be in the Christmas parades as a kid and that it was so cool. Have a great Christmas and don't stress to much.

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