Wednesday, August 30, 2006
First day of school and pictures!
Well today was Gbugs first day of preK at the big school. I got up at 6:15 this morning to make sure I had plenty of time to get us ready and to school in enough time to settle in. I got myself ready and then packed Gbugs lunch then I got him up at about 7:00. He had breakfast and got dressed and then we went out to take pictures. My mom spent Tuesday with us and stayed the night and the whole day today so we had a lot of help. My mom even took some pictures of the whole family which was nice! Then we were off to school a bit later than I wanted (as usual)! We got to the school and when we were walking up Gbug saw a little boy in his class that he remembered from open house. He called out his name and the the boy and his grandmother were surprised that someone knew his name! Little did they know my son has been talking about him all week. LOL I took him in his class and he kind of went over and hid in the cubby area. He was being a bit shy because the teachers were saying hey to him and everyone was staring at him and the other boy coming in since we were the last to get to class. We found his cubby and put things away and then he came over and ASKED me for a kiss!!!! Then he went off to wash his hands before class as the teacher asked. The teacher even commented on how he just ran off to play with no problem.
I got home and got Dbug ready and my mom and I went to the preschool where she will be going. We got to meet her teachers which I am glad she has. I remember them from last year and they both are really nice. They were excited to see Dbug was in their class. She went right in and sat down and started doing playdough that they had set out on the table. Then her best friend came in and she was happy! My mom, me and my friend went to the orientation for about an hour. Then when we went back to pick her up she was STILL sitting at the table playing with the playdough. I think she is going to have fun. Also two of the ladies that I met last year from their kids being in Gbugs class has younger sibling in Dbugs class this year so we are excited for them to all be in classes together this year. It is kind of sad that Gbug is not going to be in the class with their older children this year because he is in a new school but they will be back together next year when they are all in kindergarten.
So we left the preschool and headed for lunch. Came home my mom and Klaire took a nap and I got prepared to go and pick up my big boy! When I picked him up he was so excited looking and ran up and hugged me. I asked his teacher how he did and she said he did well. Although..... She said at nap time they had to move him closer to them for him to settle down but it did not take long after that he fell asleep. She said they have nap for 1 1/2 hours!!!!! But then they cut it down to about 1 hour later on. She also said they had lunch in the cafeteria because we were thinking that the preK would have to have their lunch in the class.
On the way home he started singing a song! I was amazed he already learned something!! He was saying they read a book and this is how it went and he sang it like a song "Run run as fast as you can. You can't catch me cause I'm the gingerbread man." Then he went on to tell me how the fox chased the gingerbread man and he caught him and ATE HIM UP!! He was soooo talkative it was funny! He even told me about his dream he had last night and he said it was storming and he was outside and the lightening hit the tree and it fell down on top of our building and he was not really asleep it was real! It really happened!! He was so dramatic about it! LOL I think he was just so excited about school he was still going going going! LOL! Then he told me about how the little girl with black hair that sat beside him at lunch had a round sandwich with peanutbutter and red stuff in it! LOL He had a great day and can't wait to go back. Oh yeah he said that when he goes back another day when
all the kids are there if they are good they get a flamingo and then if they get a flamingo they get to open the treasure box! He is excited about that!! Hehehe!
Now tonight we are going to the open house parent night at the church for Gbug to do awanas or "cubbies". I remember my aunt used to take me to her church as a kid for awanas and I loved it. I think Gbug will like it too. Wow today was a long busy day! Now my hands are very very tired from typeing!! LOL Thanks for reading my novel! LOL

Gbug and mommy before school.


Gbug looking so big with is backpack
Posted by PicasaOur family sending Gbug off to his first day of PreK!


Blogger monkeynpeanutsmom said...

That's great that he had such a good day! What are the awanas? Is that like boy scouts?

Blogger GypseeMommy said...

He looks so excited! I'm very glad that it went well. He's such a big boy. And DK is growing so fast! Good luck with Awanas too. We were going to let the girls do that at the church they had bible school through, but I decided not to start right before we move. Hopefully we can find another one when we get moved though.

Blogger Short Mama said...

I'm so glad he had a good day! It sounds like he's going to love school!

Blogger Paula said...

I got so excited for him while reading about his day! Glad he did so well, he sounds like he was thrilled! How cute about the song and funny about his "real" dream! I love the imagination at this age! And that's cool they get to go to the cafeteria.

I love the pics, you all look great!

Anonymous mommys3blessings said...

That's so exciting! I'm glad they both had a good first day at school. My two little princesses get to meet their teachers tomorrow! Don't worry about Gbug. I don't think he will have a problem making friends. The last few times I've been around him, he has seemed to be doing better. Don't stress. Just take a big deep breath, let it out, and go get a Starbucks drink one morning after dropping them off. I miss you guys bunches! We need to plan a playdate!

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