Saturday, January 14, 2006
I hate this house!
I so want to get out of this house! I just don't think I can take it any more! We lost our heat last week and had to have someone come out to fix it. Then of course Leroy the landlord also my husbands grandfather and our neighbor, had to have something to say about having someone come out and fix it and it costing so much and that the guy did not know what he was doing. Well our heat went out again today and of course he has to get mad because he does not want to have to pay someone to come out again. I think if he does not want to fix something that is wrong with this crap hole he needs to not be the landlord! Anyways I am just ill about still being her after almost 5 years. I just don't think I will ever get out of here!

Thursday, January 12, 2006
This Stupid Cell!
My cell phone is really starting to piss me off! Ok to start off with I got a new cell phone in Dec because mine was broke and I could not even see the screen any more. So the new phone has worked fine for me for about a month and all of a sudden one day I unplugged it from the base and turned it on and it is blank. All of my info is cleared out and it will not dial out or recieve incomeing calls. So I am supposed to be leaving town for a scrapbooking weekend and here I am at the cell phone place trying to get a new cell phone. Well because I have a new cover on it the guy tells me he can not replace it without the original cover back on it. I was soo mad! I told the guy that a month ago when i got the phone i had that same cover on it and the lady said nothing and just switched the covers. He just kept saying sorry mam I can not do anything untill I have the original cover. I got really hot and said "I have been paying for service on this phone all day and I have not been able to use it and I am supposed to be out of town right now and you are telling me I have to go back home just to get the cover that is BULLSHIT!!" Then I jerked up my crap and went stomping out the door and slamed the door open. I was so mad I was crying. I just wanted to go on my minivacation. So I went to the town where I was going to be staying that weekend and at that place the lady just acted like I was insane because she had never seen a phone do that before. She kept askeing me if I had done something to it. Or who has had acsess to it besides me. She also asked me if I had it around a magnet! Oh yeah I always carry my refrigerator magnets in my pocket. So she finally gives me a new phone. She makes me sign a paper and says this is just to send back with the phone to the manufactor and they will test it and to see if I did something to mess it up or if it was the phone. GRRRR. Well I have had that stuppid phone a week now and can not get any reception on it. It is always "searching" and everytime I am on the phone it cuts me off. I have never had that problem before and my husband can be in the same place with his phone and his never goes to searching. So I guess it is off to the cell store again! Did I mention this really pisses me off!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Well I don't really have much to say today. But I thought I would say something to give all your Blog readers something to read about! Sorry it is so short. I guess this means I have a very boreing life.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Presnell kids at the beach Dec 05 Posted by Picasa

New Years resolutions
Ok I hate this time of year because I always make resolutions and then break them after a few weeks. But here we go again.
1. Read my bible more and grow closer to God.
2. I am going to try my best to eat healthier and lose some of this flab! I know this is usually everyone's new years resolution.
3. Strive to be a better parent. Sometimes I feel like I snap to easy at my kids and it just feels natural and I want to stop that!
4. Find a way to make some extra money for my family to help out my husband.
5. Be a nicer happier person all around.