Thursday, August 31, 2006
Go Panthers!
Well we spent all day in the house because of this stupid rain. I know rain is good for the earth but I hate it! It makes my hair all frizzy and my attitude suck! I hate being locked in the house all day with two kids. Just knowing that I can't just let them out to play if I wanted to makes me want to scream. Luckily the day did not go to bad. I actually taught them how to stack the books on the book shelf the right way. I even managed to teach Dbug how to get one book out at a time and look at it then put it back before getting another one. She did really well at this all day. I am just hoping that it sticks. Daddy came home and we had dinner and then headed out to the Box Seat a bar type restaurant to meet up with our die hard panther fan friends. When I first got there my friend Jason pulled some beers out of his pockets that he snuck in and passed me one!! LOL We got the kids some dessert to keep them occupied and Clay our crazy panther friend that ALWAYS dresses up and paints his face gave the kids pom poms to play with and little squishy footballs. So they had fun too. We sat and ate some chicken wings and hung out for a while. Mostly watching Clay act crazy! I wish I had my camera. Dbug could not keep her eyes off of him. He had is whole face painted white with blue around his eyes and cat whiskers and a black football painted around his mouth with blue and silver pom poms he made into a wig on his head! LOL If you watch the Panthers you will probably see them somewhere. I was watching the news last week and there they were waving at the camera. That is not the only time they have been on there. Clay has a special car that he has all decked out in panther stickers and logos and names of all the team members all over it. This is the SECOND car he has had like this. He just decide he needed a new style and bought a new one and decked it out also. He has a huge rain tent he sets up behind his car in the parking lot when they go to games and sits out in his costume drinking beers before each game. Yes my friends have not only season passes every year but they also OWN seats at the stadium. I can't wait because we are going with them in Oct and Dec to a game! I will be sure to bring my camera and look for the news camera too so I can be seen with them! LOL We left early to go home so we did not get the end of the game. But Gbug has school tomorrow and did not get in the bed until 10pm. Luckily they take an hour and a half nap in his class! So I don't worry to much about him being too tired tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow. Since my mom had surgery and just started driving. She is wanting to go get my niece for the weekend but she lives 2 1/2 hours away. So I am driving her to get her tomorrow afternoon. There and back will be about a 5 hour drive so I don't really look for to the drive but I am excited to see my niece. I have not seen her since June and I heard she got her hair cut like Dbugs so I am sure it is cute! I will have to take some pictures of them together.


Blogger GypseeMommy said...

I'm so jealous! I so miss seeing the Panther's play :( They don't air all of the games down here! Grrr! Anyway, you'll have to take some pics for me when you go, lol. Oh, and be careful driving to get your neice :)

Anonymous Tracy said...

You will have fun at the Game. We went once and I am not even a big football fan and I had a great time! You will really have fun if you are there with your die hard fan friend! LOL

Blogger Paula said...

Your friend is serious huh!! That sounds like fun to go to a game. I went to a few Jets games in NY, it is sooo exciting! Glad you got out and had some fun!

Blogger Short Mama said...

I don't know anything about football, but I'll have to watch when you go to see if we see you on tv! :)

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