Saturday, August 26, 2006
Excited about school
Well Thursday we went to Gbugs pre-K orientation at his school Pleasant Garden Elementry and got to meet his teachers and some of the kids in the class. It was so exciting to see the class he will be living in for the rest of the year and see some of the kids he will be playing with. I was a little disappointed when I saw that there are 18 kids in his class and only three are boys!! Gbug had fun playing and really hit it off with the black boy in his class. You see Gbug has always had a liken for black folk. This was the one boy Gbug said he was going to be his new best friend in his class. He is a cute little boy and probably the smallest kid in his class. He looked like he was 2 years old! I am just so excited for him to make new friends and to get to visit him in his new class and meet his new friends. Ok I guess I am a little too excited about him meeting new friends and a little worried also. I have had a thing in the past year about being worried about Gbug meeting new people. That is one reason why he has been doing counseling. He is not real good at meeting new people unless it is on his terms and he is the one to initiate the meeting. He gets real offensive if someone new just comes up to him and starts talking. I think it is a shy thing but he does not know how to express his feeling in the right way and comes off to be mean and uninviting. But once he gets to know you he warms right up. He also has a thing with girls. Girls always want to run from him so that he will chase them and he gets so upset because he thinks they do not want to play with him. Ok sometimes they don't want to play with him, but he gets so upset and then becomes mean to them because he just wants to play and not chase. Ok to make a long story short I am excited for him to meet new people but a little nervous he is not going to fit in. LOL I guess since I am his mommy I have a right to worry.
His teachers seem to be really nice. Mrs. Lord is a younger teacher and has only been teaching for 3 years and just had a baby boy of her own which is so cute. And then his assistant is Mrs. Barwick.
Friday we went back to the school to have a parent conference which was just filling out lots of papers and asking the teacher any questions we had. We got to know Mrs. Lord a lot better that night. Matter of fact we were the last to leave because we stayed around so long talking to her. Well Danny did! He was asking her lots of questions about teaching and she also offered him when he started teaching that he could have a lot of her stuff because she has TONS of stuff she has bought and never uses.
Monday morning his teacher will come to our house for a third meeting which is an in home visit to let the kids get to know her on a one on one basis and let them kind of see them in their environment so they are not so intimidated by them when they come to school. I think that is such a great idea. I am sure Gbug will really feel more comfortable with her once she has came over to our house to play with him.

Then he starts his first day with half of his class on Wednesday then the other half will go on Thursday and then the first full day together will be friday.
Wow! I think this is the longest blog I have ever written!


Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Wow, that's a great idea about the in home visit. I think that would help a lot of kids so much if more did that. I hope his first day goes well for him and for you :) I know how you feel about worrying. Emi isn't Ms. Sociable so I worry about her a lot about things like this. That's just part of our job I suppose. Keep us posted on how it all goes!

Blogger Short Mama said...

That answers my question from your other entry about when he starts. I shouldn't read these backwards...

Good luck Wednesday! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Blogger Paula said...

That's so cool they came to visit at your house. I am sure it helps Gbug get more comfortable, although he doesn't look way thrilled in the pictures LOL

I am sure he will do great! That stinks there are only 3 boys in his class though, hopefully he will make some great friends!

Anonymous Tracy said...

I think every mother worries about wether their child will fit in. But he will do great. It will be good for him to be in that enviornment. Try not to worry to much!

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