Friday, December 22, 2006
Pink eye or not?
Wednesday night Klaire woke up three times crying saying her eyes hurt. So Thursday morning first thing I called and made her an appointment at the doctors thinking she has pink eye. Both her eyes are a little red but not really bad or even noticeable. Also they were puffy in the morning but went away and had just a minimal amount of gunk in them not green or anything just crusty and they are not really watering at all. (here is a link to symptoms that do not really seem to fit her) So I was not sure if it was just a cold or what. But with her getting up three times in the night saying they hurt and first thing that morning she said they hurt I figured something must be up. So I got to the doctor and told him the story of her waking up and complaining and that they were a little puffy with some crusty stuff but not much and that she had a snotty nose and cold. He said it was not really pink eye she just had a cold and for me to just give her cold med or even tylonol for pain if they hurt. Then he said with young ones like her they like to rub their noses and eyes and stuff when they are sick so it could become infected and turn into pink eye. He said he would give me a prescription for stuff for her eyes but not to pick it up unless her eyes to become real gunky and red. I told him I already had a prescription from last time and could just use that and he said that was fine but not to use it unless I really needed to. OK this morning she got up and said "Mommy my eyes hurt again! I want to go to the doctor." Her eyes had some crusty gunk but not massive and they were a little puffy but not real red or anything. I really wanted to have this taken care of before Christmas got here and she was around all her cousins and family. So now I am just stumped. Do I just ignore the doctor and go ahead and give it to her or just wait it out and see if it gets worse? The thing I really dread is that both eyes are like that and that means I would have to put 1 drop in both eyes 3 times a day for 7 days! Oh is she going to hate that! I don't want to do it if it is just a cold. I know you guys are not doctors but I was wondering what you would do in my situation. Also incase you did not read to the bottom of the link I posted earlier in the blog read the last paragraph about medication. This is what is making me not want to give her the med. I am just stumped....


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