Friday, September 01, 2006
Left Behind
Well today I took Gbug to school and dropped him off. I had to do a lot of driving to do today to go and pick up my niece so Danny was to pick him up from school and take him to his grandparents house. I had told his teacher that a friend of mine was picking him up or his daddy. Well I am on the road towards Shelby. GV gets out of school about 2:10 I believe? He has only been one other day and I was there at 2:20 that day and he was one of the last few left. So I am guessing by 2:30 pretty much everyone is gone. Well at 2:30 I get a call on my cell phone from GV's teacher!! I was in shock then thinking something went wrong at school today. Well she asks me who was supposed to pick up GV today. She was not sure if my friend was coming and just did not know where to go. I told her that his daddy was supposed to pick him up. She said that she had to stay until about 2:45 to do some work so she would just sit in the class with him until he came. I told her I was so sorry and I hope he did not forget to come. Well I call Danny like 3 times and could not get him on his cell. I finally got him and he says he is walking in the school now. I guess at that point he realized that no one else was at the school. I was so mad! I felt so sad for my little boy being left behind on his second day of school. Danny calls me back and says that he got out of work at 2:00 to pick him up but was thinking he did not get out until 2:20 so he would have time to stop by the house before picking him up. He had to pick up something to give to his grandmother when he took GV over there. But then he could not find it and was searching the house for it. First of all he should have went straight to pick him up FIRST then went to the house to rummage through stuff! Ok think about it! If you leave work at 2:00 your kid gets out at 2:20 and you have a 10 to 15 minute drive to get there would common since not tell you to go get the kid FIRST?? Sometimes I really wonder what his priorities are! Sorry Danny if you read this because I know you are going to have some come back about me downing you to my friends! LOL But please next time make sure you are there EARLY! Not late not on time but EARLY! Teachers do not get paid to babysit they get paid to teach! You should know that! Sorry I had to rant I am just still upset about the whole thing. I just did not want to set a pattern like this the first week of his first year of school! It just make us look like irresponsible parents.
Then this evening GV tells me he did not play with anyone today. He says he just played by himself because no one wanted to play with him. :( Not even the little boy he says is going to be his best friend and I even asked if H his girl cousin that is in his class played with him and he said "no. nobody wanted to play with me today." That just makes me sad. My poor boy had such a bad day and I only got to see him for about an hour today and then my mom took him home with her to stay the night. I miss him.


Anonymous Tracy said...

Jaimie don't feel TO bad because I gurantee by the end of the year ever child in his class will have been picked up late at one point or another. I got stuck in an accident once and was almost 30 minutes late picking up B. I felt like the worst mother ever! But things happen and I am sure the teachers understand that. Now if you are always late picking them up then they might have a problem!

And B tells me all the time nobody wants to play with her but few times I got to school early last year and watched her play and she would be having a great time!

Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Ok, I think our kids are all screwing with us, LOL. Emi tells me all the time that nobody would play with her too. Hmmm, maybe they planned this.

As for you looking like irresponsible parents, I was late getting Caila on like the 2nd week of school in kindergarten once. I forgot that it was a early release day. Atleast you can blame this one on Danny ;-)

Blogger Paula said...

awww, poor Gbug!! I am sure he'll recover quickly from his bad day. Eddie was late picking up T last year and I remember that sad feeling I had for her. When I was little, my Mom was 2 HOURS late picking me up from summer camp. I cried and cried thinking she would never come. I'd give Danny the pick-up assignment again sometime soon and let him make it up to you and Gbug. I bet Gbug will be excited his Daddy picking him up with all the other kids around.

Blogger Short Mama said...

Why are you ALWAYS talking bad about Danny to us?? :) I think it happens to everyone, but I can just imagine how you felt. And I agree with what other people have written. According to Jake he has never played with anyone a day in his life... :)

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