Saturday, November 11, 2006
Super Beetle (aka The Death Trap)
Danny got a new car! A 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. Well it is not exactly new we have had it parked in a building behind our house for 5 years now! LOL Danny's grandfather gave it to him after he graduated college. He had fixed it all up putting new chrome and tires and a new engine in it too. We could not afford to put it on the road since we already had two cars so it just sat. Well now that his car is broke down and the machanic said it would cost more to fix his Saturn than it was worth. Danny decided it would be cheaper to get the bug out and fix it up. So here are some pictures of him and our friend Jason working on it. Pretty much all he needed was new tires because the new ones that were on it were dry rotted. He also had to put new gas in it and a new battery. Then some odds and end things like wind shield wipers and cleaning out all the rat poop and stuff from sitting for so long and washed it up and it is good to go. So now he is all proud of it and loves to show it off. I on the other had HATE riding in it because it just seems to be so unsafe and cramped! So my new name for it is The Death Trap!! LOL These are just pictures of the day they took it out of the building and fixed it up. I will have to post some more now that it is all cleaned up and shiny.

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Anonymous tracy said...

Gabe has a car back in CA that he won't get rid of. He swears he is going to fix it up one day. Well at least he has SOMETHING to drive. I am sure it beats riding his bike to work :)

Anonymous Brandee said...

Well you gotta admit, it is coming in handy right now :)

Blogger Ronan Jimson said...

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