Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Here is the new Kaiser Roll! Does he not look like a totally differant dog? LOL Danny and I just can't get over how differant our little puppy looks! He's not a puppy anymore! He actually looks like a schnauzer! It will take some getting used to that's for sure! It is funny because if you look at his back he has a black streak of hair down his back. He looks like a skunk from behind. hehehe

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Anonymous Brandee said...

Wow, you guys did pretty darn good if you ask me! Dog grooming is sooo expensive. My moms pomeranian was a fortune and they have to be done just right or its a total mess. Your little Kaiser is so cute :)

Anonymous Tracy said...

You guys did a great job! He does look different...but still so cute!

Blogger Short Mama said...

How adorable! Maybe Danny could make a little money on the side cutting dog hair...

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