Monday, August 27, 2007
School is back in! YEAH!
I am so excited about school starting back up! I am a little nervous about Griffin and his teacher though. I have heard she really pushes the kids which can be a good thing. But I have also heard that she yells too. I think it will be good for Griffin to have a more stern teacher and not a softy but I am afraid that they will have a personality clash. So far I know several girls that will be in his class including his cousin that was in his class last year. But NO boys we know so far. I hope he gets several boys that he knows or can make friends with easily. We go for open house tonight and he gets to meet his teacher and see his new class and meet some of his new friends for this year. Griffin is also signing up for UPWARDS basketball. He wants to try something new since he has done soccer and baseball. Now that he is 5 he can join upwards so I hope he likes it.
I also am excited to get my class started. I am excited to meet all the kids in our class and get the year started. I think I have already picked out my favorites and the class has not even started! LOL We will have one little autistic boy and he is so sweet. I met him a few times last year when I subbed in his class. I am thrilled to have him in our class this year. I am sure I will love all the kids though. And I know the first few weeks will just be adjusting for most of them since most have never been to preschool before.
Klaire is starting her 3 year old class and will be in school 5 days a week. She also starts dance class with her best friend Lucy next week. She is so excited to be a ballerina. I can't wait to see her on stage at the end of the year for the recital!
Wednesday is our first night of AWANAS. AWANAS is a Wednesday night church class for kids where they learn bible stories, play games and have yummy snacks. They get a book and vests to wear. If they learn their bible verses they get badges for the vest and awards. It is kind of like scouts but for church. This will be Klaire's first year doing that too. And Danny and I are going to be teaching a second grade class. So wish us lots of luck. We are going to be very busy this year. Oh and Danny started his class back last week. So we are now ALL in school!

Friday, August 17, 2007
They called this morning
And I got the 2 year old teacher assistant! I am so happy! I would have done the lead teacher but I was real nervous about it. I am glad that I am the assistant my first year there. The lady that switched over to be the lead teacher in my class is not certified yet and is getting her credentials this fall. But she told me today that she just found out she is pregnant! Which means she will be quiting in April. Which makes me wonder why they did not just chose me for the lead since I already have my credentials and I am not going to be quiting in the middle of the year. But maybe they will move me up to lead once she leaves. She will not be coming back next year either probably since she says she will not be able to afford to put two kids in preschool so maybe I can move up to lead after doing the assistant for a year. If not I am still fine where I am. I am so relieved that I am doing assistant since I will have less hassle. I will work one less hour a day and don't have to worry about lesson plans or parent teacher conferences.
Anyways..... Thanks to everyone that said a prayer for me!

Thursday, August 16, 2007
The Devils Candy
Griff's comparison of God and the Devil.
Such a cute point of view I think. We were in the car on the way to McDonald's. Griff wanted to get a kids meal and I told him no. We were just going to get food and no toys because we have to many toys that Mommy is trying to get rid of. After a few minutes Griff says "Mommy, God is like fruits and vegetables and the Devil is like candy." I was amazed at his comparison. So I said "You are so right! Because sometimes we don't want to eat our fruits and veggies just like we don't want to listen to God but we know it is good for us. And we want to do things that are bad that the devil wants just like we want to eat candy that is bad for us." And he then he said the cutest thing a five year old could say.... "Yeah cause sometimes we don't listen to GOD and we eat the Devils candy!" Is that not the smartest perception of God and the Devil? I was amazed at his thoughts.

I am going for my interview tonight for a two year old lead teacher position at our churches preschool. I am so nervous but I really feel confident I will get it. Mainly because I have heard they really did not have anyone for the position that was qualified but me. Also several people at the preschool have told the director I would be great including the directors assistant and the lady that will be in the class with me. They told me they had several people to interview but I get the feeling that they don't. Not that I think they are lying but last week someone was told that they had no one for the position that was qualified until they found out I was qualified.
The only thing that was holding me back was that DK would have to go all five days if i taught. The other class she would have to be in is full. So that means I would have to find a sitter for her until a spot came open in the other class if it ever did. She is already in the three day but if I work she would need to go on Tues and Thurs also. So out of the blue my friend said she would be glad to keep her one day a week. The same day Danny asked his grandmother if she would be willing to keep DK one day a week and she said yes. So everything seems to be falling into place. I still hope a spot will come open in the other class though. I will have to pay for her all 5 days because they do not give discounts for employees which SUCKS! But with me working I will be able to afford it. I just don't want to have to be running her back and forth to peoples houses all year. I would rather her just be at the school with me.
Well to make a long story short. Pray for me. That everything works out for me and that I don't stutter at the interview! LOL I don't think I will be upset if I don't get it. I am trying to prepare myself for the negative just in case. I mean nothing will be different than before if it does not work out.

Problem solved
Well my car ended up overheating a few days later and we took it to the shop. After 3 and a half days of not having a car on the hottest week of the year I have it back. Of course it cost a fortune though. We had to get a new air compressor and fan. It cost a total of $1,028.00!!! The debt never ends!

Sunday, August 05, 2007
Not much
I know it has been SO long since my last post. But thanks to Melanie for getting me going again. Don't know how long it will last this time though.
Not much going on just living day to day waiting patiently for school to start back so the kids will be out of my hair for a while so I can get some stuff done. I have hoping to get a job at the preschool where DK goes at our church. I heard that someone has decided to not come back so I am praying hard that i can get the position. Also Danny is awaiting a new job at a school. He has his application in and is just waiting to hear from a school. He said he was going to call around to some schools this week and put in a word for himself so hopefully that will help out. It would be an answer to our prayers if we can both get new jobs teaching. Meaning more money and hopefully more time together in the long run.
Today the air in my van went out! BUMMER! BIG BUMMER!! I am hoping that it is nothing serious. I can not stand to not have air in my car! We don't have any extra money to pay for any work on the van either. SO hopefully it is nothing majorly expensive.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
My Little Pony: Products

Saturday, January 06, 2007
Christmas and the New Year 2007
New blog thanks to a friend that got me on my toes!

Well our Christmas went pretty well this year. It was the first year that Danny and I did not buy for each other. But it was OK. The kids got what they wanted and they were happy and that is what counts. Besides we still got stuff from the parents and grandparents so we were not totally left out.
New Years we went out with some friends and had fun. Almost a little too fun! Let's just say I was not feeling good the next day! As for New Years Resolutions had decided I was not going to even waste my time trying to come up with a list because I always break them. I never stay on a diet for long enough to lose any weight and that should be my #1. Instead I have made a promise to myself and my family to be a better mommy and wife. This year I want to spend more time with them than on this computer, try not to come so quick to anger when my kids are not obeying and show my husband more love and affection. I think I may be able to handle this one. OK now I am going to go do some dishes and spend time with my kids. I already showed my husband some affection last night! LOL

Friday, December 22, 2006
Pink eye or not?
Wednesday night Klaire woke up three times crying saying her eyes hurt. So Thursday morning first thing I called and made her an appointment at the doctors thinking she has pink eye. Both her eyes are a little red but not really bad or even noticeable. Also they were puffy in the morning but went away and had just a minimal amount of gunk in them not green or anything just crusty and they are not really watering at all. (here is a link to symptoms that do not really seem to fit her) So I was not sure if it was just a cold or what. But with her getting up three times in the night saying they hurt and first thing that morning she said they hurt I figured something must be up. So I got to the doctor and told him the story of her waking up and complaining and that they were a little puffy with some crusty stuff but not much and that she had a snotty nose and cold. He said it was not really pink eye she just had a cold and for me to just give her cold med or even tylonol for pain if they hurt. Then he said with young ones like her they like to rub their noses and eyes and stuff when they are sick so it could become infected and turn into pink eye. He said he would give me a prescription for stuff for her eyes but not to pick it up unless her eyes to become real gunky and red. I told him I already had a prescription from last time and could just use that and he said that was fine but not to use it unless I really needed to. OK this morning she got up and said "Mommy my eyes hurt again! I want to go to the doctor." Her eyes had some crusty gunk but not massive and they were a little puffy but not real red or anything. I really wanted to have this taken care of before Christmas got here and she was around all her cousins and family. So now I am just stumped. Do I just ignore the doctor and go ahead and give it to her or just wait it out and see if it gets worse? The thing I really dread is that both eyes are like that and that means I would have to put 1 drop in both eyes 3 times a day for 7 days! Oh is she going to hate that! I don't want to do it if it is just a cold. I know you guys are not doctors but I was wondering what you would do in my situation. Also incase you did not read to the bottom of the link I posted earlier in the blog read the last paragraph about medication. This is what is making me not want to give her the med. I am just stumped....