Thursday, September 07, 2006
DK's first day of Preschool!
Wednesday was DK's first day of preschool at Wee-Shine Preschool. She was so excited! When we first got there we took some pictures infront of the school sign. Her and her best friend LB were so excited to start school together in the same class. When we went in she went straight to the table and started playing with playdough like you see in the picture of her and LB. She LOVES playdough. There was a boy sitting in the seat beside her and he must have looked at her playdough because she stuck out her tounge at him!!!!!!! I was very suprised because I have never seen her do this. I hope this is not going to be a pattern for her at school! Yeah she is pretty but don't let her looks fool you!!! She has a mean streak in her!! LOL Then I had to pry her away to take a picture of her with her teacher Mrs. Kathryn. I did not cry at all when I droped her off. It was more of a relief and I was excited to go get coffee with some friends with out ANY kids!! When i went to pick her up I almost got teary eyed. Seeing her come out of the building with her backpack holding her teachers hand. It reminded me of picking up Gbug last year when he went to preschool there. She is just growing up too fast!

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Anonymous Tracy said...

I bet she is going to have a great time! You are going to love that little bit of freedom you will get :)

Blogger Short Mama said...

I love your links! How fun to not know what you're going to get when you click on the "tongue" link... Anyway, sounds like school is going well for both kids! That's great!

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