Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Surgery day
Thank you all for thinking of us today. Everything went great! I was so surprised at how well he did. He never once fused or even said his throat hurt. When he came out of the surgery he had some juice and then a popsicle and laid and watched cartoons for a while and then we were dismissed by 10 am! The only bad thing about the day is that I am totally pissed at my husband!! I had to have Griffin at the hospital at 6:15 in Burlington so I had to leave the house at 5:30 in the morning meaning I got up at 5am. Nancy was going to keep Klaire today so I told Danny to get her ready and have her at Nancy's at 7 or 7:15ish because she had to leave and take Brooks to school at 7:30. Well at about 7:45 right as the doc was calling me back to talk to me about how the surgery went Danny calls. He should have already been at the hospital!! Well he tells me that he JUST WOKE UP! Yes my mailto:#%*&#@&%25 husband over slept on our sons surgery day!! I was mad! Luckily the lady that is over the preschool ministry at the church surprised us and showed up at the hospital at 6:30 right after we were checked in. Yeah that made Danny feel even worse! But what was even worse than that is that I told Griffin his daddy would be there waiting for him when he came out and he was not! After he had came too real good and was talking he said "My daddy lied to me" Does that not break your heart! He did not show up until Griffin was dressed and we were waiting for the nurse to bring in the wheelchair to push him out and take his blood pressure one more time. Danny thinks I should not be mad at him for over sleeping because it was something he could not help that he did. I am sorry but my motherly clock tells me I need to get up when it comes to something important like that. I could see if it were a regular day but knowing that you have to get up because your son is having surgery is enough for my body to say "Hey the alarm is going off we have to get up it is going to be a big day!" Not only did he sleep through an alarm clock but he slept through two alarms going off!!! But anyways Griff did great. He was so ready to get home and eat all his yummy food he picked out at the grocery store the day before. So far today he has had juice, milk, popsicle, 2 yogurt's, 2 push up icecream's, 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup and a bowl of icecream. I can't help it though I have just been letting him have what ever he wants today. Also his friend brought him a push up icecream and a pirate toy that he loves! And his maw maw and paw paw brought him a nerf basketball and goal to put on his bedroom door and him a Klaire a crayola color wonder book and markers set each. I just hope he does not get used to this!


Anonymous Brandee said...

Well I'm glad that the surgery went well and that G is being such a trooper. What a big boy! Sorry Danny didn't make it. I totally understand you being this upset with him, but try not to be too hard on him. These things do happen.

Blogger Short Mama said...

I'm not siding with Danny here because I would be hyper-pissed about it too, but I have to say, for him to hear his son say he lied to him...I think he probably suffered enough just from hearing that.

I'm glad G is doing well!

Anonymous Tracy said...

I am glad things went so well at the hospital and he was able to go home and rest. I think i will have to side with you on the whole over sleeping issue! I would have be very pissed if Gabe did that. I know he cares about his family deeply but there are times you need to just admit you were wrong :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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