Friday, July 28, 2006
New post finally!
I think I may start posting here too. Well I will try and see how it goes and see from there. I think last time I just kept forgetting to log on and post on here and with myspace it was just easy to remember because of all my friends posting comments and all the fun stuff to do on there.
Well I am feeling a little better today with the bronchitis and now Griffin has the croup. I think that is from being around me he just gets it a different way. He woke up today from nap coughing all croupy and could not breath. So luckily I had some more Prednisone from the last time he had it and I just gave it to him before bed. Hopefully he will not be up all night. Now I know how he feels when he has it. I could not breath for anything all night Wed. night all day Thursday. I thought I was going to suffocate.
We did get out of the house today and we went to see Over the Hedge at the cheap theater. The kids and us liked it. It was pretty funny. Danny wanted to stay for a while and then sneak into the next theater over and watch The Wild. But some guy that worked there came in and turned on the lights on us and we looked stupid being the only ones left in there. He just stood there for a few minutes staring at us so we left. LOL Boy we would have looked stupid having the cops called on us with our two kids sneaking into a movie!! LOL What great parents we are!!


Blogger GypseeMommy said...

Man, I never thought about that idea. I'd be too scared to try it though, I'm a chicken, LOL.

I'll be keeping up with you on here, so you better keep posting ;-)

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