Thursday, December 01, 2005
Well here I am!
I am now a bloger!
I really have nothing to write about but I hope you all come to read my blog anyways! LOL!! We are getting ready to go to the Christmas parade to see my in-laws ride there motorcycle in the parade. Woo hooo!!! Danny is not going with me so it will be just me and the kids so I will probably be ready for a mental breakdown by the time I get home. Well I just wanted to get this started and thank my friends from playgroup for getting me interested in doing one. I just hope mine is as interesting and funny as there's!! LOL!! We are heading to the beach in the morning so I will not post again until next week. I sooo need a break!


Blogger GypseeMommy said...

I'm officially one of your readers, lol. Hope you guys have lots of fun at the beach! Be careful.

Blogger Short Mama said...

Have fun at the beach! I'm so excited you started a blog! It looks great!

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